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Champagne, cognac, wine…etc. there is an appropriate glass for all of these drinks. Only whisky – world’s most complex distillate - is served in all kinds of glasses. From tumblers, to long drink glasses and even in wine glasses. That’s like pouring vintage champagne into a beer glass, or an old cognac into a shot glass!


Whisky is a drink to enjoy extensively and intensely. Taking your time to smell the aromas that are slowly released is just as important as savouring the flavours and experiencing the sensation in your mouth after you take a sip.


Raymond Davidson decided that the time was ripe for an appropriate whisky glass. He designed the perfect whisky glass, but left his idea to rest for over 20 years. After this ‘ripening period’ his sons decided to show the glass to the people who would know best… the Scottish master blenders!


With the help and support of these master blenders they have now introduced the glass to the world as the perfect whisky glass, designed by the whisky industry, for the whisky industry, but first and foremost for whisky drinkers.


The glass is based on the traditional nosing glass used by blenders all over the world. This unique and stylish model, the ‘tulip’, allows you to enjoy the whisky at its best. The glass’ wide bottom allows the aromas to be released freely and also does the colour the justice it deserves. The conical shaped top holds on to the aromas and is pleasant on the lips. The glass is held firmly in the hand thanks to its heavy, massive foot.


Nowadays the entire Scottish, Irish and Welsh whisky industry and most of the American distilleries have acknowledged the Glencairn whisky glass as the standard glass for single malt and matured blended whisky. The Glencairn whisky glass is used for tasting at almost all whisky festivals in the world.


The glass has won many awards worldwide, including the Queens Award for Innovation, the most prestigious business award in the United Kingdom. It has taken a couple of centuries, but now whisky also has its own glass. At last!


AlaVotre has distributed the Glencairn whisky glass in most European countries since 2010. Interesting conditions apply for retailers.


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Quotes courtesy of Glencairn Crystal